About The Publisher: Amanda Hollifield

I am a southern girl born and raised in Johnson City. Like many of you, I wear many, many hats...mom, wife, professional, Kingdom-builder, sister, daughter, and Macaroni Kid Publisher Mom!

I am a mother of two fun-loving kiddos, Grace (13) and Jackson (9) and a wife to a wonderful husband, Brooks. I am so excited to be on this adventure with each of you and helping you to create your own family memories right in here in our backyards!

As a FREE, hyper-local e-newsletter published weekly for local parents, Macaroni Kid is THE source for information on family events and activities in the Tri-Cities TN/VA area. My mission as your MK Publisher Mom is to make Tri-Cities Macaroni Kid your one-stop resource for ALL of the area's local family-friendly fun!

Help make Macaroni Kid Tri-Cities the go-to resource for family fun and be the first to know about great local events for families! 

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